Lead Bays

Where bays are required to be covered in lead on liner over ply or T&G.


Lead has been an essential part of building construction for hundreds of years. Its? durability and adaptability means that nothing has successfully replaced it. However after many years lead can fail, at which time it must be replaced. Patching with mastics, sealants etc. is never a long-term fix, and invariably any money spent on patching failed leadwork is wasted.
We pride ourselves and the very high professional standard we achieve with our leadwork.
We use lead welding wherever possible to create the new section at ground level prior to installation (this is not always possible as shown in picture, this bay was done on scaffold due to size). That way our customers can see exactly what is being done ? and they often compliment the employee on the skill involved!
?Professional? is the key-word! We know just how many unskilled companies there are out there, with unqualified staff - and what a mess of they can make of what should be a straightforward lead job. The vast majority have no proper training

Photo shows Square Lead tank completed after bossing and welding all corners and welding a new 2" outlet to bottom of tank. Code 6 lead was used for this bay giving a long life span.

Photo shows half round lead tank completed after bossing and some welding to form a new none restricted outlet to side of tank. Code 6 lead was used for this bay giving a long life span.