Hipped Loft Conversion

Where the Dorma is built out on the hip section with no flat roof.



See the difference additional daylight and ventilation can make in your home. Make ordinary rooms into extra ordinary rooms. Have you thought about what a VELUX total solution would mean to your new room? Imagine the light flooding in on a Sunday morning. You open up a couple of windows and take in the view, letting your coffee and the fresh air help you start the day.Simple, make space out of wasted space!


Tiled Strip & Recover

Tiled Bungalo required strip and recover due to inadaquate tile lap.

Slate strip & Recover

Detached property with slate roof required stripping and re-slating back to same.


Roofline includes a wide range of soffits, fascia boards and guttering and down pipes to not only make your property look good, but work efficiently at protecting you from the ravages of our British weather. KINGSON ROOFING roofline provides a one off, integrated solution that is not only functionally superior to the existing timber work but improves the look of your home as well. !



Flat roofs are constructed basically with joists spanning the gap between two walls, covered by sheet timber or other material. In the case of timber a further, waterproof cover is required. The weight of these last two coverings, together with the span, form the basis of the calculation for the size of joists required. A further part of this equation is discovered in Approved document A of the Building Regulations (Structure) where the possible snow loadings, depending on area of the country and height above the ordinance datum, are taken into consideration.

Lead Bays

Where bays are required to be covered in lead on liner over ply or T&G.

Lead Valleys

Where valleys are required to be covered in lead using code4 or code5 gage lead over running valley boards.

Box Gutters

Where long lengths of gutters are required to be covered in lead and some lead welding is generally required

Chimney Stack Lead

Where Chimney Stacks require lead soakers and flashing, also where they require back gutters.

NOSTELL PRIORY (Heritage Trust)

Nostell Priory servants quarters and stable block was stripped and recovered over 5 years ago using Westmorland Slate by KINGSON ROOFING. Owned by the heritage trust originally Nostell Priory was built by James Paine on the site of a medieval priory for Sir Rowland Winn, 4th Baronet, in 1733. Later Robert Adam was commissioned to complete the state rooms, which are among the finest examples of his interiors. The Priory houses England's best documented collections of Chippendale furniture, designed especially for the house by the great cabinetmaker.